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With over 30 years of combined experience, we are dedicated to providing exemplary service to all of our clients.

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Being located in Sacramento, we maintain easy access to the BoE for all audits, conferences or Board hearings.

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Before purchasing an aircraft, contact us about how you can legally minimize or avoid the taxes on your purchase.

With today's challenges, businesses turn to firms like Aviation Tax Group for their expertise in the field of aviation taxation.

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Although our expertise began with California, we have advised many clients on how they can legally minimize or even avoid sales and use tax in various states across the nation.


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Aircraft Tax

Whether dealing with California sales and use tax on the purchase of an aircraft or dealing with tax issues regarding the personal use of the company aircraft or the entertainment disallowances, the professionals at Aviation Tax Group are your aviation tax experts.

Vessels And Vehicles

In California, the sales and use tax laws that apply to the purchase of an aircraft apply as well to vessels and vehicles. If you are planning to or have purchased a vessel or vehicle, contact us and we can discuss how you can legally avoid the California sales and use tax on such purchases.

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