Venture Capitalist saves on his purchase of a Cirrus SR22T with guidance from Aviation Tax Group

A.M., Venture Capitalist, Menlo Park, CA

After receiving his exemption from California use tax, R.M. had this to say:

“Working with Warren Alston and the Aviation Tax Group was a complete pleasure and their service was excellent. Our consulting business was able to save over $50,000 in use tax. More importantly, the entire process was simple, hassle and worry free. The ATG are extremely knowledgeable, professional and were on top of every detail from the start. I would highly recommend them for anyone needing any tax services in the aviation industry.

Cessna Mustang owner saves over $250,000 in tax with the help of Aviation Tax Group

R.W., Electronics Company, Temple City, CA

R.W. is the CEO of an electronics company from Temple City, CA. The company is a leading edge product innovator and technical solution provider with extensive R&D capabilities for Security/Safety & Energy Saving Products. For over 25 years, they have been providing advanced security/safety system solutions and innovative energy saving products world wide with numerous North America and International patents awarded. Headquartered in California, the company directs and coordinates subsidiaries in the U.S., Canada and China in consulting, R&D and OEM/ODM manufacturing activities.

R.W. had this to say after receiving his exemption from California use tax.

“This is my third time working with Julia; previously, for two twin-turbine aircraft and, recently for Citation Mustang Jet.

My aircraft and flights are generally geared toward business, either visiting customers or distributors or taking our strategic partner, important or prospective parties to trade shows. Many trips have itineraries that include multiple locations in the same day, going interstate or even coast to coast. Without our own plane, it’d be nearly impossible to achieve our business goals efficiently and quickly.

Aviation Tax Group provided this tax advantage program to us and allowed us to save more money. As a result, we saved in excess of $250,000 and there was extra capital to do better business in contribution for economic growth, and more freedom to fly!

I highly recommend Aviation Tax Group and their services to all my pilot friends or any business owner who is considering buying a plane.”

Cirrus SR22 owner applauds Julia Chan and Aviation Tax Group

T.G., Investment Company, Middletown, CA

T.G. is the owner of an investment company from Northern California. The purchase of an aircraft allows him to travel to locations all over the United States in search of investment opportunities. His choice of aircraft was a 2007 Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo GTS.

T.G. had this to say after receiving his exemption from California use tax.

“In my business it is sometimes necessary to travel to small and mid size cities that are either not serviced by scheduled airlines or cannot efficiently be reached by the airlines. I have been able to seize the opportunity for business that otherwise would have escaped me because of the flexibility of my personal airplane. Doing business at a small coin shop in McComb Mississippi and a dealer sixty miles from St. Louis in little over a day could not happen if I relied on the airlines.

I was able to save over $30,000 because of the thorough and consistent help of Julia Chan at Aviation Tax Group. Her knowledge of the tax code and her experience in guiding me through the process of my application for exemption enabled me to save a bundle of money. I would recommend her for anyone interested in navigating though the labyrinth of the regulations dealing with sales tax exemption in California.”

Cessna Citation CJ1 owner praises Aviation Tax Group

S&S Seeds, Inc., Carpinteria, CA

On April 30th of 2010, S&S Seeds purchased a Cessna CJ1 from Cessna in Wichita, KS. S&S Seeds owns four companies located on the west coast in Santa Barbara, CA, Manteca, CA, Livermore, CA and Albany, OR.  Our customers and suppliers are located in various locations across the United States ranging from New York to the Midwest to the West Coast. S&S Seeds also has real estate holdings in Arizona, California, North Dakota, and Oregon. The CJ1 is used to transport S&S Seeds staff between our various companies, visit production fields that are being grown for us, meet established and potential new customers and suppliers. In addition, the CJ1 is also used to visit current holdings, and identify future real estate ventures.

Because of our business use, and the work of Aviation Tax Group preparing and compiling documentation, S&S Seeds Inc. was able to save in excess of One Hundred and seventy eight thousand dollars in use tax.

Aviation Tax Group maintained communication with our staff on the specific records and documentation that needed to be provided to the State of California substantiating the amount of time that the plane was used for business purposes.  Aviation Tax Group provided a monthly accounting compiled from our records to keep us aware of the percentage of overall business use. The personnel at Aviation Tax Group were very knowledgeable, providing answers to all or our questions through the process.  Consistently, the employees of Aviation Tax Group were responsive and clear in their knowledge of the required documentation.

Our tax savings was a result of the expertise of Aviation Tax Group.  We highly recommend this company to others.


Victor W. Schaff
S&S Seeds, Inc.

Aviation Tax Group helps purchaser of a Cessna P210N save $54,575.00 in tax.

Dr. John Buzza, Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. John Buzza has been a dentist since 1983 and been involved with aviation for more than 35 years. Dr. Buzza has a restorative oriented insurance-independent practice in the heart of the Sonoma County Wine Country. Dr. Buzza was the first to bring sedation dentistry to Santa Rosa and Northern California making him the most experienced and acclaimed sleep dental professional in the industry. He has been celebrated as Sonoma County’s favorite Aesthetic Dental Care Professional for the past three years.

Dr. Buzza has presented and facilitated Dental Boot Kamps across the United States and been an instructor for Discus Dental’s PAC Live in San Francisco where his focus is on Wants-based versus Needs-based dentistry. He is a Distinguished Mentor at the Kois Center and has lectured at the Kois Center Annual Symposium on subjects from Marketing to Practice Administration.

After his most recent aircraft purchase, John had the following to say, “When I am away from my practice the productivity stops and the resulting cash flow. Having a capable aircraft enables me to still work a full day and travel to educational programs that are a requirement for my licensure. I am a partner in a budding online educational forum that requires travel to other cities to interview experts and liaison with partners and advertisers.”

When asked what he liked best about the service provided by Aviation Tax Group, he replied, “Clear and concise direction. All I had to do was keep accurate logs and records of business purpose and the rest was seamless. Warren and Julia were always available for questions. I would absolutely recommend them to others. Once the final documents were submitted to the BOE I received a favorable determination within a couple of weeks. Amazing!”

Gulfstream Twin Commander 1000 purchaser saves $89,512.50 in tax with the assistance of Aviation Tax Group.

C.S., Ventura, CA

C.S. is a Principal with an energy investment company that provides both capital and expertise to facilitate the growth and aspirations of small producers. He also serves as an Executive Director for several service companies engaged in the domestic energy sector. The purchase of an aircraft allows him to travel between offices in California and Colorado and to sites in Texas and North Dakota. His choice of aircraft was a 1982 Gulfstream Twin Commander 1000.

C.S. had this to say after receiving his exemption from California use tax.

Warren and Julia were thorough and professional at every step. From pre-purchase planning to receiving the coveted letter granting exemption from ‘Consumer Use Tax,’ the team at Aviation Tax Group kept us informed and on target. I can’t imagine attempting to do this on our own. As a result, we saved a significant amount of money and would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking to do the same!

Purchaser saves over $500,000 on purchases of multiple aircraft.

Alexander Nickolatos, Corporate Treasurer

“Aircraft are an integral part of our business model. As the Corporate Treasurer, I knew I needed to develop a relationship with a trusted aircraft tax advisor. My relationship with Warren Alston has proven to be just that. Warren has provided me with the information I’ve needed to make the necessary purchases our business has required. With the help of Warren, we have already purchased four aircraft. Working with Warren has allowed our company to save over $500,000 so far, but there will be more savings to come. What I appreciate about Warren is his constant availability to me, his openness and the personal friendship that has transpired. We can now map a plan to legally pay zero sales or use tax, before we sign a purchase agreement. Our investment in Aviation Tax Group has yielded great returns.”

Purchaser saves on purchase of a Beechcraft G36 Bonanza

Mark Spelts, Spelts Wealth Management

“Julia Chan served as my tax consultant for the purchase of our 2008 G36 Bonanza. I found her to be very competent and efficient throughout the entire process. Feel free to call me if you have questions.”

Purchaser saves on purchases of a Cessna Citation SII

Dar Marden, Sandel Avionics

“Warren walked us through the whole process and helped us save significant amount of taxes. I recommend him highly for services he provides.”

Purchaser saves on purchases of a Eclipse 500

Bob Brodersen

“Julia Chan and Warren Alston helped me successfully negotiate California’s Sales and Use Tax codes with respect to my recent airplane purchase. They provided detailed recommendations as well as a clear step by step list of the documentation requirements and activities needed to achieve success. Also, when the Board of Equalization tried to challenge, Julia and Warren took the lead in my defense and explored all options to ensure a successful outcome with the least amount of hassle and delay.”

I would strongly recommend Julia and Warren if you need tax advice for an airplane purchase!”

Purchaser saves on purchases of a Columbia 400 and a Maule

Lawrence Brooke, General Hydroponics, Inc.

“I am delighted to recommend Warren Alston. He helped me manage complex tax affairs on the exchange of my Maule and acquisition on my Columbia 400 aircraft in a difficult tax venue. By defining the proper procedures to be followed and helping me comply with California tax regulations I have been successful in making aircraft acquisition work for my company. I am able to visit clients throughout the west coast efficiently and expand my business success.”